Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ranch View Progress


Right tree

I began with the two trees in the foreground.  The one on the right is stitched with 4 strands of Threadworx green overdyed floss 1048 for the leaves and 4 strands of Threadworx dark blue/purple 1024 for the trunk.  Diamond Ray (p. 324) was used for the leaves and Double stitch (p. 247) was used for the trunk, both from The Needlepoint Book. 

Left tree

The trunk on the tree on the left was stitched with 4 strands of TW 1024 in basketweave.  The leaves were stitched with 4 strands of Threadworx 1076 using Diagonal Mosaic (p. 213).

The brightest strip of green grass is stitched using 4 strands of Gloriana Leaf Green in Bullet stitch from Julia Snyder's Categories for Needlepoint Stitches.  The little bit of stripe under the green grass was stitched with Caron Waterlilies Redwood in tent.

Well, after I had typed up all this I went to add close up pictures of the right tree and the left tree.  I clicked the picture icon and another screen comes up and usually I can browse my computer to find the picture I want to add.  But for some unknown reason, the browse button is now gone.

HELP OTHER BLOGGER USERS.  Do you know what is wrong?  I've tried everything I can think of.  Will probably have to take my computer into a shop for some help.



  1. It sounds to be as if Blogger is taking a time out. I don't think it is anything to do with your computer, Sandy. Blogger has glitches, like all software. It may have been undergoing maintenance or just been feeling balky. I would try again today. It may be right back again.

    I added photos early last night without any trouble, if that's any help, but I think we are in different time zones. I'm East Coast....

  2. I should add that there are limits to the amount of photo storage you have on Blogger, but you certainly aren't anywhere close to reaching that number. Even I, who have been using Blogger for 5 of the 7 years I've been blogging, have used only about half my allotment, but then I delete photos each week from old things that are no longer pertinent.

    I just think Blogger was taking a time out.

  3. I have the exact same problem, Sandy.

    I have been loading my photos for my blog posts to my Picasa album and when I click on the photo symbol on blogger, I choose on the left column From Picasa web album and get the photos from there.

    Don't know when blogger will go back to the other way or if this will be a permanent change???

  4. Thanks Jane and Teresa. I will try again in a few days and see if Blogger is any different. Otherwise will try picking from picasa web album.