Monday, January 14, 2013

Ranch View Updates

Right Tree

Left tree
Well, finally.  I was able to work the work around on Blogger to get these pictures posted. 
If you are reading this and having similar problems when you click on the picture link above, just switch from Compose to HTML above and to the left.  Then you can browse for your pictures.  However, Blogger help says you should add your pictures first, then switch back to Compose and type your text as there are other problems if you switch back and forth several times.  Aargh!  I hate, hate, hate (did I say hate?) when a computer program is working just fine, then one day, you log in and suddenly it doesn't. 
Anyway, I've made more progress since these pictures were taken, so if this works, I'll take more pictures and try again to post them tomorrow. 
P.S.  I can't preview, so I will press the publish button, sight unseen, and hope for the best.


  1. The trees look great. I never would have thought to use HTML composition to add photos since mine are turned into HTML when I do that. But whatever works! Sounds like Blogger had a behind the scenes update. They are constantly tinkering with it and sometimes it doesn't turn out that well. Oh, well, what do you expect for free software?

    1. Not much. I hate Google, but I love your canvas and stitch selections. Gorgeous!