Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pillow for single nephew

Sometime in 2009 I decided I wanted to stitch a canvas for a pillow for my single nephew, so I began thinking about what he would like.  He lives on the other side of town and we don't see him that often, so I was not even that sure of his tastes.  But I knew he had a brown leather sofa and was renovating his living room to more of a tan stucco with dark wood floors and eventually wanted to replace the spindles in his stairway with iron ones.  So I began designing this canvas with those things in mind.

Eventually, the canvas was finished with much silk thread, tan Very Velvet and Kreineik metallic threads and became this.

Then I found these fabrics and sewed the canvas into a pillow, adding an appropriate trim and fringe, and about 2 days before Christmas along with second trip to the fabric store, because I had underestimated the length of trim I would need (and of course, they no longer had the trim I originally bought), I had this:

I was very pleased with it and I think he liked it as well.


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