Friday, January 7, 2011

Purse and checkbook

Last year, I stitched these two Lee canvases.  The larger one I made into an insert for this purse I sewed and I sewed the smaller one into this checkbook cover, that I made out of the same black fabric I used for the purse. 

The green in the center of the flowers is a petite very velvet and the pink for the flowers is Gloriana Silk, I think.  I stitched them in a way to maximize the variegation in the thread.  The purse is lined with a pink and white fabric with flowers and butterflies. 

Oh, and I have to add a picture of our furry girl in her Christmas dress.

And the four bunnies in our garage.  (Son's FFA project, but I'm already attached to them.)

It's been a long week.  Back to work after 2 weeks of vacation, so I'm off to bed.  More to come.


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